It’s all in your eyes

This is the post excerpt.

Hey there! I’m Sydney, a makeup machine that can instantly turn any girl into a model 🙂 At our studio my job is proudly called ‘makeup artist.’ And while some think wielding a mascara brush and a lipstick isn’t serious, let me assure you, this isn’t for everyone! You need years of practice, a firm hand and a good eye to paint a nice face. Moreover, your perception of beauty will also change to a subtler, more artistic one. When I look at my old photos, I can barely believe it was me who did THIS 🙂 Nothing like my recent works! Speaking of which, my next customer is about to arrive. This is her wedding day! Hope there will be no last-moment bridal drama 🙂


Your walls need makeup, too!

I enjoy not only well-painted faces, but also well-painted canvases. I even have a few hanging at my place. Some of them are reproductions of famous paintings, other are original works by contemporary artist. The trouble with modern art is that there is too much of it. A century ago, you could count talented artists by fingers. Today there are hundreds of them. You might have heard about some, but the majority of them just live their own lives without being introduced to the wide public. One of them is Leonid Afremov, a wonderful artist from Israeli whose paintings will make you see the world in new colors! I’m not very good at the theory of art, but I believe his works can be classified as Impressionism or something. If you are interested, you can visit his official website where he also sells his canvases. I’ll tell you what I like most about Leonid Afremov’s art:


  • Bright colors. Lots of bright colors! It’s like he decided to mix everything he had in his tubes.
  • Romantic imagery: rainy streets, lantern-lit parks, quiet lakes and beautiful autumn forests…
  • Unusual painting technique: large, expressive strokes covering the entire canvas without leaving even an inch of blank space. It’s a massive color attack!
  • Amazing atmosphere! You should see it with your own eyes to understand!


The very moment I laid my eyes on those pictures I knew I had to have one! But, to be honest, I wasn’t quite sure about ordering it online. You see, rather than selling his art through galleries and dealers (and complicating the buyers’ life) Leonid Afremov runs his own web store  where you can take a look at his works and buy anything that caught your eye. And while it’s definitely more convenient (and much cheaper), I still had doubts that Afremov could be deceiving innocent customers and tricking them into paying in advance to just disappear in the end. But then I thought his website would have probably been flooded with negative feedback and erased from the surface of the internet in that case. So I took my chance… and didn’t regret it! The painting arrived in two days or so, it was even lovelier than I expected and delivery was free. Moreover, I got an authenticity certificate proving that the canvas is indeed painted by Leonid Afremov. Now it hangs over my bed – a wonderful sea view I wake up to every day. If you love contemporary art, you should definitely check out this website! I insist! 🙂

Natural and lovely

As much as I love glaring makeup with bright eye-shades and lots of accents, I agree that wearing something like that every day is kind of tiring. And also a bit unhealthy 🙂 So if you are a makeup artist (or simply a girl who likes to be beautiful even if she is simply looking out of the window), knowing how to do natural makeup is your bread and butter. Let’s admit: nobody is born with a perfect face. Some of us have skin issues, others aren’t contended with their eye shape, there are girls whose lips are too thin or whose cheek bones are too large… A small blemish like that can really poison your life even you they are the only one to notice it 🙂 Natural makeup can fix all this without overloading your looks. This is a subtle job, much more challenging than usually required for a Friday outing. The catch is to make yourself look naturally good. It other words, you have to mask your flaws without distorting your inborn beauty and emphasize your strong points without overdoing it. In case you desperately need this sacred knowledge, here is a video you might find helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdnIi6mK4Hk. Hope it works for you!